Provo Canyon Drives - South Fork Canyon

Always active and a leader where there was work to do, Grandfather helped lay out and build the old logging road in Provo Canyon. in the spring of 1859 Shadrack Holdaway built a sawmill in the South Fork of Provo Canyon. Because the mill was built on the summer hunting ground of the Indians, it cost Grandfather several fat6 steers each year to be left in peace. One year Grandfather had paid his tribute to one band of Indians when later in the year another hostile band came. The Chief sent for Grandfather. The escort took Grandfather to the and seated him on a blanket between two Indian warriors.

Of this incident Grandfather said: “As I was being taken to the Chief I noticed that the two warriors on the blanket each held a great hunting knife behind him. Seated between them I made the easiest bargain anyone ever got out of me”. His experiences were many and varied as those of any Pioneer must be. He was seriously injured a number of times but Grandmother’s skillful nursing pulled him through. On one occasion he went to Salt Creek near Nephi for a load of coal. He was helping a man lift his wagon wheel so he could go on, and just as the horses started his foot slipped and he fell under the wheels of the wagon, filled with seventy bushels of wheat went over him breaking every other two pair of ribs open and his collar bone. At a later time he had set a gun to shoot a bear. The next morning he went to see if the bear had been shot and happened to step on the string which had been arranged to discharge the gun. The gun went off and he received a bullet in his leg, which passed clear through his thigh, but no bones were broken. He almost lost his leg at that time.

Condrad Ranch Reception Center

Conrad Ranch
5591 Southfork Rd
Provo, UT 84604
(801) 229-1246 or 225-623

Girl Scouts Trefoil Camp

Located at the end of South Fork Canyon Road is a 123 acre Girl Scouts of America camp. Trefoil Ranch has amazing facilities, including a modern lodge, ranch house, and bunk house, as well as showers, electricity, hot water, and flush toilets. Cozy cabins can accommodate 54 people. Girl Scouts of Utah (800) 678-7809 or

Big Springs Park

Big Springs Park is the last park in the string of City, County, and State Parks located along the Provo River corridor. Its four manicured acres are covered with grass and trees with plenty of parking.

Big Springs Park serves as a trail-head for hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, and motorcycling on the adjacent National Forest land.

South Fork Park

South Fork Park has a nice mix of individual picnic tables, fire pits, and group pavilions. The convenience of permanent restrooms, with running water and electricity, make a day-outing here a pleasant excursion. Surrounding the park is a beautiful riparian forest including oak, box-elder, and maples and the bubbling stream has plenty of fish and other aquatic life to watch and enjoy.

Homes and Cabins in Canyon Meadows UT for Sale

Canyon Meadows Homeowners Association is a secluded, gated development located in beautiful Provo Canyon off Highway 189 and Sundance Resort in Wasatch County. Our community is committed to preserving the wildlife and natural resources we all share and to fostering strong and supportive relationships with our neighbors.

Homes and Cabins in Riverbend Grove UT for Sale

Riverbend Grove is just north east of Vivian Park, in between Provo Canyon Road and the Provo River. It is a small development on leasehold land, meaning the cabin owners do not own the land under their homes (similar to most Hawaiian Property).