Homes in Provo Canyon Utah

Only minutes from the metro areas of Provo/Orem and Park City, real estate in Provo Canyon is a great option for owning a vacation cabin or even a primary residence. There are several developments along Provo Canyon Rd and up South Fork Canyon and near Sundance Resort.

Homes and Cabins in Sundance UT for Sale

Utah is one of the premier places in the United States to own resort property. You have the feeling of living in the mountains while still within 30 minutes of city shopping and jobs. There are several separate subdivisions, each with their own rules and fees for road and common area maintenance.

Homes and Cabins in Wildwood UT for Sale

Wildwood is a 175 Acre development that sits at the intersection of Provo Canyon Road (Hwy 189) and scenic Alpine Loop Road. It is gate guarded and consists of a large central park with Tennis Courts. Cabins cannot be rented or leased.

Homes and Cabins in Springdell UT for Sale

UT is a 90 Acre development located 4 miles from the mouth of Utah County. It was incorporated in 1904 as a recreation area by several families who had been using the area as a campground for years before. It now boasts a pond, a central park, and many large and small homes.

H0mes and Cabins in Vivian Park UT for Sale

en a recreation destination since the Pioneers first came to this part of Utah. In 1915, the area was subdivided into over 140 lots and cabins began to be built. It now sits just off the Utah County maintained Vivian Park. It is connected to a sewer system and culinary water.

Homes and Cabins in Canyon Meadows UT for Sale

Canyon Meadows Homeowners Association is a secluded, gated development located in beautiful Provo Canyon off Highway 189 and Sundance Resort in Wasatch County. Our community is committed to preserving the wildlife and natural resources we all share and to fostering strong and supportive relationships with our neighbors.

Homes and Cabins in Riverbend Grove UT for Sale

Riverbend Grove is just north east of Vivian Park, in between Provo Canyon Road and the Provo River. It is a small development on leasehold land, meaning the cabin owners do not own the land under their homes (similar to most Hawaiian Property).