Provo Canyon on Foot

You and/or your kids can take one of dozens of easy paths and trails branching off from Provo Canyon. Birding is outstanding with numerous birds to view of photograph. Provo Canyon is one of the greatest rock climbing and snow climbing sites in the country. Take the Provo Canyon Parkway for an easy, relaxing, beautiful walk.


Enjoy numerous hiking opportunities from short easy hikes to challenging technical hikes. Whether you have an hour or a morning, enjoy time in the mountains.


A river, canyons, cliffs, meadows and mountains provide an abundance of bird habitats. Dozens and dozens of birds can be seen and photographed year-round.

Rock Climbing

A variety of cliffs offer climbing enthusiasts hours and hours of fun and challenge. Grab your ropes and head for the hills.


Take it easy with a nice walk on the flat Provo River Parkway.